Cambridge Analytica's London headquarters being searched by investigators


Thirty one so watch out for some travel under tomorrow morning of a soc hour or two tomorrow morning then just some lingering flurries for the afternoon blustery and cold with a lot of clouds high just thirty seven tomorrow remaining called on monday despite a lot of sunshine high thirty eight and then plenty of sunshine finally getting a little bit milder on tuesday with a high back up to forty four i'm accuweather meteorologist brian thompson wbz newsradio ten thirty and right now we have thirty eight degrees and mostly cloudy skies in boston at eight oh five at toyota braintree you'll see inside lots outside lots and lots and lots of toyota's there's no shortage of toyota's foresee evenings family owned to function toyota braintree exit seventeen union street under the high flying american flag in britain judge grande says search warrant to the country's data watchdog as part of an investigation into the alleged misuse of personal information i'm larry miller the london headquarters of cambridge analytic over rated overnight after a high court judge granted a search warrant access it's databases and servers this after claims the firm mind facebook for millions of users data to manipulate elections in the us and elsewhere around twenty enforcement officers from britain's information watchdog carried out the seven hour raid we ling away stacks of boxes cambridge analytica is best known for working on president trump's 2016 campaign have you tried to buy a small sofa how about a petite coffee table or sensibly scaled recliner and have you looked for bedroom sets made to fit a normal room everything you look at is overstuffed over scaled and it's just plain overwhelming it's enough to drive you nuts this is joe kelleher for westwood furniture our furniture that fits collection is the answer we have sofas and sectionals bedrooms and die nets n tables and bookcases all size.

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