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Because they come whether or not they believe this event will be a game changer fox's griff jenkins in washington the nra will be holding a counter demonstration a second night of protests in sacramento where last weekend police shot and killed an unarmed black man demonstrators chanting the name of stefan clark as they made their way through the streets police say they thought clark was armed when he was shot in his grandparents back your turns out he was holding a cell phone police had been investigating car break ins the white house can expect another round of legal challenges as president trump issues a second order prohibiting transgender people from serving in the military except under limited circumstances the first order issued last summer was struck down by several courts this latest move has civil rights advocates up in arms like the aclu joshua bloch constitutional as the day trump tweeted it out and the democratic national committee put out a statement saying this decision is an insult to our brave transgender servicemembers fox's jail nato in washington the president believes because of their medical needs transgender people could put military readiness and effectiveness.

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