US and South Korea set date for postponed Foal Eagle military drills


Twentythree sixteen in paris the city we had too late to this twenty two sixteen hit in london now the us and south korea taking part in the annual foal eagle and key resolve military drills earlier monocle andrew moolah was joined in the studio by the former ambassador for the uk to north korea john ever and jen this terry stas need to discuss these drills under began by asking joan whether the north will take the drills as a provocation despite it all being just a game apparently probably north grew this time will say it's a provocation is a big question well it will be well we missile this toils enrolling shimin wheel the fiery language but in this great loving that they've been heavily promoting women of what two summits coming up kim's on on president moon jae in south korea at the end of april and then we'll promised trump and kim sometime be by by may in which north chris heavy investors as possible that this time they will down soak paps but not to say the about the exercises note also fix it stars is a much shorter than they have been lost year they start on first of months i've fished end of april so two months with this yet they start fuzz april april fools day of course wonderful timing and they carry on to the end of the month i suspect we will find that they will finish the day before president moon and kim's alone meet terry also occurring this past weekend representatives japan south korea and the united states meeting in san francisco to talk about north korea what pitch can they make to north korea.

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