Assault weapons ban doesn't violate 2nd Amendment, judge says


Thirty our top local story attorney general maura healey is pleased boston federal court judge has upheld the state's ban on assault weapons it's a win for massachusetts and it's a win for families across the state and across this country who are tired of the gun lobby trying to rewrite the rules jim wallace with a gun owners action league of massachusetts any attorney general can now on a whim changing entire interpretation of a law in turn it against you that's the scariest part of this decision a wareham man get six to eight years in state prison following his manslaughter conviction for an overdose that killed page lopes also of wareham stephen fox this is the first charge unconvicted in plymouth county for supplying a fatal overdose that caused a death da tim crews spoke with wbz tv to make people understand that you choose to sell these drugs and if somebody hurts her gets killed we're gonna we're gonna prosecute them umass buys the newton campus of mount ida college which is closing at the end of the semester umass amherst plans.

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