Protests after University of Chicago student shot by officer


I gotta look at it that this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago if you have a smart speaker just say play wgn radio on tune in the forum new sponsored by victory auto wreckers dot com here's roger bat fair skies twentythree at o'hare democratic challenger j b pritzker vowing to kill a key component of the state's education bill more from wgm's andrea darlas britzka says the current private school scholarship tax credit is really a back door school voucher program but current lieutenant governor evelyn sanguinetti says the governor rounders existing credit is already proven successful bipartisan scholarship program is good for his community because it gives children access and opportunity pritzker suggesting a progressive income tax that could take up to two years to get going and would require a constitutional amendment andrea darlas wgn new rally yesterday protesting a campus police involved shooting at university of chicago police say twenty one year old charles thomas ignored several orders to drop a metal pipe police say he used to break several apartment and car windows before he was shot in the shoulder paolo del toro with uc united believes the police action was excessive they'd like the university to consider taking guns away from campus police are there alternatives to keeping each other safe are the relationships that we can make be making in our community that can that can provide true safety thomas's mother says charles been trying to get his bachelor's degree in has been under a lot of pressure students and gun safety advocates organized marches across countries seeking to build on that momentum by bringing the representatives into the conversation more from abc's ollie rogan i came the march for our lives now it's the town hall the advocates behind last month's march are encouraging members of congress to hold town hall style meetings on saturday to talk about gun violence so far thirty lawmakers are listed as holding such town halls all of them are democrats many more members of congress are holding constituent meetings this weekend but the march for our lives act i want to keep the conversation squared on guns alley rogan abc news washington we'll check sports traffic and weather next on wgn are like drinking.

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