Schmick: Free trade versus fair trade


Money our radio heard every saturday at three pm right here on am five sixty when was the last time your financial advisor looked at your tax return blindly buying or selling an investment without knowing the tax consequences could cause you to trigger a lot of unnecessary taxes make sure you're working with an adviser who understands tax planning and reviews your tax return regularly tune into the money our radio every saturday at three pm right here on am five sixty where we talk about powerful tax strategies and please visit our website at the money our radio dot com log on today in tune in every saturday afternoon at three right here on am five sixty advisor services offered through pierre shale financial group inc pure shale financial group inc is a registered independent investment advisor charles schwab serves as an independent qualified custodian for individual client accounts managed by pierre shale financial group pierre shale financial group and charles bob are not affiliated companies pay her five sixty the answer welcome back to the money our radio brought to you by pierre shale financial retirement inside sound decisions are vital and helping you pursue retirement god's knowledge is power you're listening to the money our radio gary your hosts mike pierce out john for your show and then proceed welcome back and thank you for tuning in this is the money our radio our close to help you grow your money cut your taxes and have a very successful retirement i'm one of your co host ben bar zeta for the segment i wanna talk about how estate planning under the new tax act that was just passed could make it so almost everyone really needs to review and i want to start with this question when was the last time you had your state plan reviewed.

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