The story behind Billy Graham’s casket and the prison inmates who made it

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The look i'm jessica inherits this is from scratch my guest is cause martavis founder of con body exercise program that caused developed will he was in prison for selling drugs from working out in his nine by six prisoncell he lost seventy pounds in six months con bodies located on the lower east side of manhattan and also offers classes online see you can do prison style workouts from the solitary confinement of your own home 'cause started con body in two thousand fourteen after he was released from prison welcome thank you i wanna talk about life on the lower east side given that that's all linked to what you're doing now you're your parents are from the dominican republic you were born here what was it like in the the late eighties early '90s you were born in 1985 yasser grown up in their neighborhood in the lorry side it was it was drugs everywhere amedo remember shame a dope blinds heroin lines we call on where people line of two by heroin down a block an upbeat lines of like twenty to fifty people what kind of studio in school i was i was a pretty good student i was bilingual i was supposed to be skip than the third grade and my mom that in low it added re re while in in elementary school middle school was a different story your parents at both hard working and did not to drag snuff what is what did your mom to me reanchor uh when i was younger my mom worked at a factory on bleaker street and she was like sowing little tshirts and shorts and uh she's ally bibi sent me and the her sewing machine i remember being a comcast and just like sitting dan's a aside playing when my fingers does know video games.

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