Humans as old as 79 still generate new neurons, stirring new debate


It's one o'clock change in higher ed good afternoon the midnight anders bjork your news from newton mount ida college is announcing today that it will close at the end of the school year umass amherst will take over the mount ida campus and current students at mile dodig and head to umass dartmouth to finish their course work beginning with the fall semester maladot is presidents indicates in a letter to students that growing financial difficulties for small colleges nationwide was the reason for the closure in agreement with umass and chief white house economist larry cudlow says there's no trade war taking place with china hopefully this will have a very happy and i'm still optimistic by the way that the chinese recognize that the rest of the world is on our size he insisted that china must agree to a level playing field on trade amid a back and forth on tariffs he said the president has declared enough is enough and argued that it's all about growing the american economy and scientists now think they might be learning why our brain performance declines with age lisa carter has that story many years it was thought the brain didn't produce new cells leading to declines in everything from memory to reasoning at language but now researchers at columbia university of found older people have just as many new brain cells for memory younger people but there's less blood flowing to those new cells in other words newer cells aren't as active in older brains the researchers say older people can stimulate those newer sells through exercise and being intellectually engaged and let's check traffic now with dave gardner okay on the pike from the pru tunnel out to four ninety five and back no big delays on the expressway between the o'neill tunnel and the braintree split in both directions the lower deck is fine the leverett ramp should busy but more than just a bit sluggish at times in and out of leverage circle on storrow drive but not too bad yup lorenzo one twenty eight hundred okay roadwork on ninety five southbound before to ninety five and attleborough some delays there route three is okay through the south shore get traffic and weather whenever at w r k o dot com.

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