Oklahoma eyes tax hikes as teachers' strike threatens second week


Home invasion in buffalo grove it resulted in three people being stabbed wgn's ryan burrow has more thirty one year old shakeup william beeman of arcadia wisconsin pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted murder an account of aggravated animal cruelty prosecutors say he broke into the buffalo grove home while the homeowner was sleeping his son and some friends were playing video games during a confrontation beeman stabbed the homeowner his son one of the friends and the family's dog though the injuries were all nonlife threatening beaman was founded in nearby gas station prosecutors say he told them he went into the home to do a drug rip there were no drugs found in the home brian burrow wgn news medical examiner has linked another death to the possible use of synthetic marijuana the officers at twenty one year old man's body with twenty two year old man's body showed traces of an element used in rat poisoning one of wisconsin's largest coal power plants is permanently closed we energy says the pleasant prairie plant in kenosha county just across the border was taken off line this week and thousands of students in oklahoma out of class again today as teachers and other school staff are in their fifth day now of a walkout over education funding abc's jim ryan says there's action inside and outside the capitol in oklahoma city remembers you've heard unanimous consent request the oklahoma senate is debating a series of potential revenue raisers to fund teacher pay hikes while outside teachers and students rally on the capitol lawn firstgrader marley parker of ada oklahoma was thrilled recently to open a school book and find the name of a hometown hero scrawled inside singer blake shelton who's forty one now had been issued that same book in nineteen eighty two.

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