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The mexico border if president donald trump requests them brown democrat and in a tweet today said she was deeply troubled by the plan from the president and militarize the border in her words and democrats responsible for most of the record numbers of women running for the us house this year but republicans part of the surge to the associated press informally counts that three hundred more women have filed their paperwork to run for the us house of representatives and more are expected to join a man holding what turned out to be a metal pipe was shot and killed by police in brooklyn abc's aaron katersky tells us the state attorney general is now investigating callers to nine one one said saheed vessel was walking around crown heights pointing what appeared to be a silver firearm passersby including children people in the community thought he had a weapon and was aiming at at residents mayor bill de blasio called the shooting painful and a tragedy the victim's father said his son was bipolar and no threat put these up to to the responding officers were from a specialized unit not beat cops that might have recognized basle police released video of him with what does look like a gun though turned out to be a metal pipe aaron katersky abc news new york seven years ago woman who was found dead in cal in a california mansion was thought to have killed herself death ruled a suicide but now a civil jury has awarded her family millions of dollars abc's sunny halston reports case that really just captured a nation and a family who insisted on seeking justice for their sister thank the jury for spending so many weeks to get justice for rebecca bombshell verdict in the civil trial centered on the mysterious death of thirty two year old rebecca's how.

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