Michigan to end free bottled water for Flint, saying water crisis over


Partly cloudy skies thirty seven degrees good evening i'm ken rogulski wjr news detroit police have a person of interest in custody after a seven year old child was shot in the neck while playing inside his own house chief james craig says the shots came from a block away fires tone thirteen and a high powered rifle but some of the rounds this the target location tools going to the next block and unfortunately one struggle child and their home they believed to be safety investigators say it appears a bad relationship was the reason for the shooting two seven year old is expected to recover the state of michigan will no longer supply free bottled water to the city of flint after it says the city's water quality has been restored here's wjr is our meadowland rem the michigan department of environmental quality announced it was ending the free water program after testing showed flint's water quality was below federal action levels for lead for two years.

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