China plans Taiwan Strait live-fire exercises amid tensions

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Support for this npr podcast and the following message come from sony pictures with all the money in the world legendary director ridley scott brings this thrilling drama inspired by true events to life starring michelle williams christopher plummer and mark wahlberg now available on digital and blu ray live from npr news in washington i'm to wayne brown president trump's pick to become the next secretary of state is on capitol hill at this hour vowing to help the state department get it swagger back in perez michele keleman has this update cia director and former congressman mike pompeo says he's heard the concerns about how demoralizing it's been at the state department he's going to help fill vacancies and making clear the department has a key role to play now on north korea which he calls the highest diplomatic task he's also talking tough on russia's saying it has been acting aggressively enabled by years of eight soft policy that is now overpumping oh says according to prepared remarks released by the white house some lawmakers are promising to bring up their concerns about his skepticism of climate change and the iran nuclear deal as well as controversial past statements against muslims michelle kellerman npr news washington china says it will conduct live weapon fire exercises in the taiwan strait next week npr's anthony kuhn reports the drills come amid heightened tensions between the us and china over the selfgovern island maritime authorities in southeast china's fujian province which sits across the street from taiwan announced the exercises authorities offered no details or explanations but a number of recent moves by the trump administration of drawn criticism from china's government those include the passage of taiwan travel act which encourages high level government exchanges between washington in taipei the us recently authorized contractors to build new submarines for taiwan and appointed as national security adviser john bolton who has publicly.

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