Mark Zuckerberg Testimony: Day 2 Brings Tougher Questioning


Three three to eight eight nine eight eight that's o od three three to eight eight nine eight eight from the city that changes the world this is cagey oh san francisco oakland san jose the next generation of a cumulus station now on amazon alexa opened the cagey oh eight ten skill or digesting the implications for silicon valley after two days of sworn testimony by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg on capitol hill after a day of explaining what facebook actually does to the seniors in the senate ceo mark zuckerberg had a tougher go of things in the house as a middleton says the questions from representatives or more macro and more about data privacy than relitigating the presidential election a couple of takeaways when pushed about facebook's market power zuckerberg emphasized that the average american uses eight different communications and social network apps to stay connected he did not mention that facebook owns four of them facebook facebook messenger what's app and instagram and that the other four include apps like email also he said users own their data which is true for uploaded data not mentioned is what facebook does with all of that data and how it remains there's i'm jason middleton kevin.

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