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In all fifty states equal housing lender nmls number thirty thirty next update at eight forty on koa newsradio colorado's news traffic and weather station beautiful day for denver the front range in virtually the entire state of colorado will top out right around seventy degrees this afternoon under mostly sunny skies and just a little bit a win tonight partly cloudy we'll keep it dry the wind starts to pick up tonight will fall to forty five tomorrow we'll be very breezy at times wind gusts up to thirty five miles per hour and much warmer as well highs almost eighty degrees in the metro area tomorrow the combination of the warmth and the wind and a low humidity means fi fire danger red flag warnings already been posted for tomorrow afternoon and then thursday mostly sunny even windier with a high of seventy six from cbs four ashton altieri on koa newsradio eight fifty am and ninety four one fm clear skies forty seven degrees in denver now on colorado's morning news koa newsradio breaking news there's another shakeup in the white house to tell you about press secretary sarah sanders is confirming homeland security advisor tom bossert is leaving he's resigned there are reports that he was asked to step aside by new national security adviser john bolton sanders says the president's grateful to bossert for his commitment to the safety and security of our great country the president went onto wish him well response from the white house on syria's use of chemical weapons could come soon president trump will be staying in dc this weekend to oversee the situation instead of heading to south america for a summit the president held a meeting late yesterday with his military fficials this isn't the first time a president has canceled a foreign trip in order to deal with an urgent issue in two thousand thirteen president obama canceled a four nation week long trip to asia in order to stay in washington because of the government shutdown president trump was scheduled to travel to peru and colombia next week he's hosting japanese prime minister obey at his maralago resort in florida karen travers abc news the white house facebook ceo oh he starts the day one of his.

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