CVSA's Operation Safe Driver week is straight ahead


Keep listening to iheartradio for more from nineteen seventy seven coming up pampers cow and uaw ford gum down in alabama bieber all across the land mark the date on your calendar july fifteenth through the twenty first according to the cvs yeah that's going to be up rations safe driver in forcement week twenty eighteen unsafe driver behaviors by both commercial and passenger vehicle drivers continue to be the leading cause of crashes the fmcsa's large truck crash causation study cites driver behavior as the reason for more than eighty eight percent of a large truck crashes and ninety three percent of passenger vehicle crashes while it serves the reason people screwing up behind the wheel that's typically what causes a crash right twenty nine past the hour news update on atm ms rpm invoice list price dealer price toby knapp here if your car shopping you've probably heard these terms but what do they mean it's so confusing it was confusing not anymore we'll tell you about true price from truecar it's a price that actually means something because the exact price you'll pay for the car you want including fees and accessories and best of all you'll know if you're true prices competitive because truecar shows you what other people are paying for the same car that you want so when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience as far back as she can remember amy loved computers how they worked what they could do they were a challenge she wanted to learn as much as she could so she harnessed her passion and now she's a cybersecurity officer in the military if you have a passion a vision for your future in any field today's military dot com can be your path to fulfilling career you have a calling we have an answer fine.

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