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Days. That's not mail that came in the last two days. Male. That's been here. Fucking great. It is mother's day two thirty in that canoe, and I just received a call from the DA's office that. They will be making a decision on Monday, Tuesday, dying now about to call my brother Turin, let him know. Is coming. Two days. Later on may twelve Wisconsin division of criminal investigation releases its twenty seven page report into the shooting death of Tony Robinson, junior, and announces their investigation is closed. The report provides new information about the night of the shooting according to the testimony of one of the responding officers. While Tony Robinson was lying at the bottom of the steps bleeding from gunshot wounds and gasping for air. He brought his hands out from underneath his body. They were empty. No knife, no gun. Dane county district attorney smell Hussein. Hold a press conference. I conclude. This tragic and unfortunate death was the result of a lawful use of deadly force. And that no charges should be brought against obser- Kenny in the death of Tony Robinson, junior. System. People. Justice system. Sharon are win, Tony Robinson's grandmother spoke at the family's press conference after the DA's announcement. I tell you about my grandson because he's been slandered from the beginning and the setup, but. But I wear a sweater because this is the only comforta- have I don't have ups in over. You know that this. And room love him great kid and you are. You haven't had the opportunity to know the kids. I. Madison chief of police announces. The department is going to launch their own internal investigation into the shooting. An officer Kenny will remain on paid administrative, leave the Wisconsin professional police association praises the states report. Under or win in the Robinson family hire an attorney from Chicago, begin their own investigation into the shooting and commissioned an independent autopsy into Tony stuff. We had IRA depend talking about racism. We've been talking about it their whole life. I didn't. I had those things from them. You know, they are by racial children. It's something they have to live with. It's not something I hide for my kids at all. So we went from living on ally drive when he was six and seven years old to Stoughton, which is, you know, at that time, very few black folks lived out there. So he went from being. Not dark enough on allied to being you're, you're black and you don't belong here in Stoughton. And then we moved back to Madison and it was, you know, medicine. The side of Madison is a pretty diverse neighborhood pretty diverse place to live so figured he would be safer here. It was so much under the cover racism that I didn't pay attention to, and honestly, really didn't even see until he died. Emme Robinson was my brother. Honey. Think my family feels because that was my brother died at him. He died when I was only ten. How do you think the family of mine. Is that what you would say canning. How do you think our family seat. What is your family police kill your son? Think defame leaf you feeling. Now, this feels right now. Presley it's hard. We we barely get to see our father Closys really all because he you now that my brother's dead. My dad really, really hurt that. Like we can do talk to him or see. Wait me, right. You do. But later in life we're gonna get over on outside. When I'm inside, it's still going to be to be depressed. Set Rivera was still. She's right. She's right. As time by you start to heal on the outside. It does to heal better, you know, but I'm inside it you all right. And you always remember that still hurt. Those are good questions. Kyla to sit and think that you know. What if McKinney was would have been black, do you think would kill them or. Oh, gee, I think it's white or maybe even if he would have even just known to route, you know what he had done, what he don't judge by fibers. Kin color. Really. Stress between my family and because Bali attention from the media and all the attention from the city. Just, you know, everybody wanted to have their word and have their say. And I really wanted it to be strictly amount of select few people to speak for our family and my mom, of course, she's really upset and she has a right to be, but she just says, no filter. So. I really wanted her just in that, you know, just back off in your causes a lot of tension between our family and for a while there who weren't speaking. Five months after the shooting on August thirteenth twenty, fifteen under Erwin files of federal civil rights lawsuit against officer, Kenny, and the city of Madison. She charges officer Kenny with violating her son's fourteenth amendment equal rights protections, as well as his fourth amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure. Andrea files lawsuit the day after the city of Madison announces a two point, three million dollars settlement brought by the family of another armed man fatally shot by another Madison police officer.

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