White House lays out DACA deal asks


Triage it comes as agents get ready to deal with summertime emergency calls in the coming months the training said to be helpful because of the limited law enforcement presence in the rural border areas jeremy foster ktar news the white house putting together an immigration package the package focuses on deterring further illegal immigration and it does not appear to include a solution for dauga however phoenix immigration attorney marguerite de silva says for now people are still being allowed to renew nobody knew is allowed to apply and they've been clear with that since late last year that's thanks to federal judge ordering the trump administration to continue accepting renewal applications while legal challenges continue were operating as usual meaning we're sending in the applicator were expecting to get to your approval back in the mail silva says she's hopeful congress will ultimately pass a permanent solution for dhaka result the psotino ktar news if one group has its way public utilities in arizona would have to get at least half their power from renewable energy sources by twenty thirty a new asu report claims that proposal from clean energy for a healthy arizona could hurt our state economically matthew benson arizonans for affordable electricity doesn't like.

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