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Speak at these things where you're saying well is it really are you demanding that they vet every single company at one of these conferences that seems like a pretty high bar but if you're the actually the chairman even if as he claims he didn't know it was going on you're still signing your name on the bottom of of the bank sheets at the end of the day or you're attached to the entity in a more substantial way we see in the film dan david go to hong kong and i'm curious to know you were you filming him on that trip and to what extent were you doing other filming in china and what kind of what did that take to do where we did i did go and film with dan on that trip and was quite concerned that something might happen to him it didn't fortunately he put forward the short of that company tech pro in sort of live and in person which is unusual that's not usually how they go about it so he was concerned about calling out the owner of that company we filmed with some other folks in china and most interestingly the guy uc's shadow who is a a journalist for an official chinese financial regulators publication and he came over from the mainland and spoke with us and he and coon walk who's man who went to jail for a couple of years are to me the most inspiring people in the film and a lot of ways because they're saying look china has china is a huge growing economy there is a lot of opportunity there there are a lot of great things going on and we want to help bring this kind of accountability into the markets here so that we have to that we can be great contributors to the global economy and so we can grow things our selves here in china and they took risks and some of them continue to take risks to bring that out.

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