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Officer. Nine months after the shooting under his at home, making Christmas dinner. Oh, that's really good at that Lawson man. Small, the same. Oh, girl. You smoke. Delicious. Oh, really? Good. On his. Christmas, just like thanksgiving, Christmas and thanksgiving. If you're a woman is not. A whole lot of work, it's not too much resting going on. That's why. So much going on so much all at once. Visually Terrell would be like in here trying to pick at everything. Done, mom, they're going to be done. Terrell was Tony's middle name because his father is also called Tony. The family often referred to him as Terrell in order to distinguish father from son. I don't even know how to cook anymore. Like how small my family is. Now I'm used to have in Terrell who eat all kinds of void could eat, puts out a health in home eighty Jordan, eight, a ton to snatch just me Jeff and the two little ones. And we always end up having leftovers. Lots of lots leftovers. I don't know. I don't know how to cook for a family. That's Ma. From having my giant family that happen. Tiny little. A little bit. We drive to the cemetery to visit Toni's gravesite. Already that people are out there vandalizing shit driving over his grave and in the lights that I put on there often. Taking the candles that I put out there sticking in the middle of his grave. But like they stole the solar powered lights. I had up there. My brother had put solar Power cross the day. He was buried that's gone. I can't stand it. Came on his birthday. Like I do all I have items. I just bought them that one that's sitting down there now that the little light because they stole the first one. His scrapie be lit up at night. It was nice. And they came and told took one. So I put that one on the left there in the came into all of them in left. The one I bought. Put the new one. They're afraid of the dark, always try to be lights because scared of the dark. In the. After that Christmas under and I don't have much contact for several months. Then in the fall, twenty sixteen a year and a half after the shooting. And shortly after what would have been Tony's twenty first birthday I meet up with under to see how she's doing. We, I lost my job last my is a loss, everything. Everything we had was gone. So now we're at a place that I'm finally working again in. All my kids are back home movie Jordan. Our home Jordan mostly stays at my months just because he's, they're angry. My kids are angry, you know, and they have a right to be angry, but you know, there's, we're trying to filter through all the motions and you know work on us as a family now, whereas it just kind of. Was every man for themselves after my son died because. Because after he died, when my kids had to deal with the death of their brother, but then it's a secondary loss of their parents to. So I think we in their dad are just now getting our minds to place where we know we can focus on them in some Sunway, instill try to focus on ourselves to. Said, there's no rule both to this is kinda, you know, you do, you do what you can when you feel like you can't at the moment. My kids have been through a lot in Illinois. I give them a lot of praise because. They've handled things. I think a lot better than maybe the dull to have times. You know. I just I just want to help them may be okay. We know that black men in this county are per capita arrested at a larger rate. Then then any any county in the country. Six months later, it's the end of February, twenty seventeen. Almost two years passed since Tony's death. Andrea in her ex husband. Tony's father settled their lawsuit against the city of Madison. We know that there are a lot of injustices here, and we believe that this wa- suit this action is the beginning to address those those particular injustices. The court orders the city to pay three point, three, five million dollars. The largest settlement in Wisconsin history for an officer involved shooting. Nearly a year after the settlement. I talked with Andrea over the phone in my life is nothing. The person I was like, I had everything gone. All of that is different. There's nothing day. I'm a better person, but was not like that for a long time I want is very dark place. I was. I'm paying occasion. I don't know. There's something about opiates. They pick away all your everything. One feel anything that hurts them. All encompassing must feel like. Your tests.

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