Tornado causes major damage in Jacksonville



News we heard just like is like a freight train just came through bus route chard cargill the facility manager the basketball arena at jacksonville state university in eastern alabama moments after a tornado ripped off part of the building's roof alabama state trooper said at town looks like a warzone apartment building was shaping i did feel that i was in my closet that woman lives near the campus jazz you to residence halls at jacksonville state university also heavily damaged but the school is on spring break so there were no students in them at the time twisters also suspected of damaging homes near alabama's border with tennessee and baseball sized hail and common alabama has left several police cars undrivable the northeast is bracing for yet another snowstorm several winter storm watches are posted up to a foot of snow forecast for parts of new jersey starting late tuesday night into wednesday it's already turned into a winter storm warning in extreme northern virginia state and texas is stepping up the search for a serial bomber adding one hundred additional officers to find whoever is leaving bombs in austin we have so many resources that are now devoted to this we are going to find this bomber and i believe we will find that bomber soon that's texas governor greg abbott's on the story with martha mccallum of the fox news.

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