Sarkozy questioned by police over ties to Gadhafi


And the ad council president trump says it's time to get tough on drug dealers maybe very tough president trump's in a very clear message manchester it's time to get tough in the battle against the opioid epidemic at a firehouse in new hampshire state hit hard by opioid addiction the president unveiled his plan to address the crisis the plan includes cutting off the flow of illicit drugs across our borders and within communities expanding education and awareness providing access to treatment and recovery efforts in seeking out the death penalty for some drug dealers now the justice department says the federal death penalty is available for some drug related offenses of the worst kind fox's griff jenkins former french president nicolas sarkozy has been placed in the custody early today as part of an investigation that he received billions of euros in illegal financing from the regime of the late libyan leader muammar qaddafi a judicial source with direct knowledge of the case says that sarkozy was being held at a police station west of paris sarkozy in the former chief of staff have denied wrongdoing in the case which involves his winning the two thousand seven presidential campaign in france what are storm watches posted again for big section of the northeast even the winter officially ends in a few hours from now the first day of spring or technically the vernal equinox even though your weather may not feel like it as a fancy term for one of the two times per year the sun's most direct rays shine on the equator the earth tilts at an angle of twenty three point five degrees on its axis relative to its plane of orbit and fox's janice deans has parts of the country won't have springlike temp several inches of snow are possible from dc up to boston computer happy first day of spring in new york city tanya j powers fox news dow futures are back in negative territory asian markets have closed mixed the dow dropping three hundred thirty five points yesterday.

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