Facebook under fire: The latest on Cambridge Analytica scandal


To our ninety nine one newsroom in washington dc nathan hager has world and national headlines nathan nope him you and john tucker broke this headline cambridge analytica suspending ceo alexander knicks with immediate effect this after the uk's channel four aired secretly recorded clips of dick's telling one of its reporters his firm played a major role in president trump's twenty sixteen victory and used emails with selfdestruct timers to make that role more difficult to trace cambridge analytic a whistle blower says the company used improperly mind facebook data to send targeted ads to millions of users that whistleblower christopher wiley has reportedly agreed to meet with democrats on the house intelligence committee to tell them what he knows police in san antonio now say their police chief misspoke when he said officers found a second package bomb in a fedex facility where a box blew up overnight after four bombings this month in austin president trump is calling the situation in the texas capitol absolutely disgraceful more on that from bloomberg's irv chapman at the white house spoke of federal resources joining in the investigation local state and federal working hand in hand you get to the bottom of it this is obviously a very very sick individual or maybe individuals not easy to find and we have to find them as soon as possible we have to find a really fedex found and turned over to police a second suspicious package at the same texas facility were a package exploded earlier in the day and slightly hurt an employee at the white house irv chapman bloomberg radio global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries when it.

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