UK urges public to wash clothes after nerve agent attack


A russian spy and his daughter were possibly attacked act with a nerve agents in the united kingdom the russians deny any involvement top law enforcement official the defense secretary and many others from the intelligence community have all met to discuss the investigation today meanwhile troops equipped to deal with chemical weapons have been removing flowers and other items from the cemetery where the spy surgace paul's wife and son are buried he and his daughter yulia may have visited their graves and the graves may have been contaminated investigators have also been going through the spies house which is also thought to have traces of the nerve agent both the spy and his daughter remain in critical condition ryan shoko fox news us border projection officer in arizona's facing criminal charges accused of lying about his citizenship marco antonio de la garza junior allegedly fifth about being born in texas he was actually born in mexico he made illeg claimed during a background check last year does racism translated technology apparently so if we're talking about android research about human robot interaction from new zealand's university of canterbury finds that some people actually ascribe a race to robots and if they have negative views of black people they extend to robots as well there's an emerging market of robots the researchers say most of them are white or metallic looking leading they safety issues of diverse city among robots jerry baumgarten fox news enter certain dogs naturally better than others to scare way wolves government scientists imported a few breeds from europe and asia fessing on if they do the same across states in the northwest to shield sheep the study found the dogs did well and better than traditional dogs at keeping coyotes away as well in duffy fox news radio heard.

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