Powerball: Single ticket in $456.7 million jackpot sold in Pennsylvania


Followed by memorial service at seven abby jessen wsb emergency crews digging through the wreckage of that pedestrian bridge in miami say they they have recovered all six victims here as abc's victor oquendo among the dead eighteenyearold fau freshman alexa duran she was driving with a friend who was able to escape the car there's sixty year olds rolando frog has family they hadn't heard from him since before the collapse they found out his body was one of the ones inside one of the cars trapped underneath that bridge police also confirming fiftythreeyearold alberto arias fifty seven year old oswald kansallis were inside another car they retrieved now family member of one of the victims says he doesn't understand why motorists were allowed to drive underneath the unfinished span breaking news first this twenty four hour continuing news lottery officials say one winning ticket was sold in saturday's powerball drawing is sixty to lead us the luck of the jaw on saint patrick's day someone struck it rich we don't know who yet but lottery officials say one winning ticket sold in pennsylvania match the numbers and saturday night's powerball drawing the excitement has been building for nineteen straight drawings the jackpot rolling over until saturday the.

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