Mustard and Johnson - The Patriots are making moves 3-17-2018


Golf coach to me has always been kind of head scratching but that's that's tigers business that's what he does his people around him and such and he's had some really good ones butch had hank ed sean foley who's debris obviously done some some really good things and then there's tiger woods again the game of golf is better with tiger woods i i didn't see any numbers from the last number weeks when he's on television i know the ratings were up the had to be i know that the couple places that i attend to hang out with even other bunch of non golf guys in there guess what was on the golf tournaments on tiger woods was being in the golf channel does this to then they're they're smart enough to say you know what here's a guy we need to follow so no matter what he's doing whether whether he's had earlier in the week wednesday was the pro am he played in the proam and tiger historically hasn't done a lot of programs but he did the program and there he was in the i t and they and they were there and oftentimes a great shot and there went so that's the impact that tiger woods has on the game of golf i have great respect respect for that but but to your point about the way he's playing guys playing pretty good and it's about time where absolutely if you talk about the ratings and i went back and took.

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