Florida school shooting suspect indicted on 17 counts of first-degree murder


And in florida nicholas crews that's the parkland shooter indicted on seventeen counts of premeditated murder seventeen counts of attempted murder both our first degree felonies sir a broward county jury charged crews with seventeen counts of premeditated murder in the first degree and seventeen counts of firstdegree attempted murder investigators say cruz was identified from school security videos and he was arrested by a coral springs officer offcampus and arrest affidavit says that crews confessed to the killings hours after they happened his defense says he'll plead guilty if the death penalty is off the table since his arrest cruz has been kept away from other inmates because of the high profile status of the case cruises public defender has referred to him as an emotionally in teenager and disturbed the parkland community and the nation continue to try and he'll just weeks after the shooting and students and some legislators are pushing for change florida republican senator marco rubio says he'll introduce legislation which will allow for the seizure of guns ammo from people who are deemed unfit to have them it's essentially a gun restraining order probable cause for a temporary one and then the clear and convincing evidence for for a permanent one that this individual was dangerous that this individual was going to hurt someone and as a result molly should they not be allowed to buy guns but the guns they have an ammunition should be taken away rubio says the seizure would have to be supported by evidence and approved by a federal judge you as education secretary betsy devos says she's interested in hearing suggestions to improve school safety from students at stone men douglas they are committed to furthering in advancing those things that are going to help ensure that students like these and all those across the country are going to have the opportunity to learn and safe environments while many americans continue to push for more security and guncontrol the legal process plays out for the teenager who took the lives of so many i'm clayton on technology is getting closer to eu we've already seen heart rate monitors that strap around your chest and the fit and apple watch which can take your polls but a new company skin with two eyes has a line of smart underground.

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