A highlight from What a Weird Week: The One with Big Onions! Fri Sept 22, 2023

What a Weird Week


This is what a weird week the one with big onions Hi friends, I'm Scott and this is the what a weird week show about weird stuff from this week's news If you want the photos or podcast stuff or video stuff, just click show notes dot page show notes dot page Okay, here comes the top 10 for season 4 episode 52 first published on Friday September 22nd 2023 10 getting things started this week is large onion makes news everyone cries Gareth Griffin in the UK has grown an almost 20 pound onion That's unofficially the biggest onion ever recorded It is larger than Gareth's head the old record for a big onion was 19 pounds ish The onion still needs to be given the official all -clear from the Guinness folks and then who knows what are you making? French onion soup onion rings. Are you just maybe having it bronzed? Not as delicious but an option nine number nine flaming hooper breaks world record The new record is eight on fire spinning hula hoops Congratulations to grace good who is a professional hoop performer and gives audiences a thrill with hooping feats like spinning eight flaming hoops at the same time Grace also set another hooping record for most hula hoops spun simultaneously while balancing on a giant rolling globe That record 28 hula hoops. She had 28 hula hoops going at once while standing on a ball you guys That's what I wouldn't try. I mean you got to train a bit for that one. You first you got to get the 28 hula hoops going you got to get the dexterity for that That's not something you can just get off the couch and start doing you got to work your way up to it I would imagine and then the whole balancing on a rolling giant rolling globe as the guinness book of world records puts it I mean, first of all, where are you going to purchase that giant? Rolling globe you probably want to get a quality one pay a little extra I don't anyway, these are all questions for later on first Let's work on one hula hoop that is not on fire and then we'll get up to fire and globes and the rest of it Hey you guys, let's do this one. No, wait, don't sorry. I started saying don't try this at home danger So You're listening to what a weird week a show inspired by weirdness in the news eight number eight this week Mistake by ticket seller results in big lotto win. A fellow in maryland was given the wrong ticket and won 580 ,000 I don't know if you believe in fate and all that stuff, but listen to this So he goes to the gas station to buy five Cash for life tickets the store employee rang in one Multimatch instead and then there was all this trouble voiding the mistake. So the ticket buyer said it's all good That's me paraphrasing The wrong ticket turned out to be the big winner 580 ,000 and the store gets a cool thousand bucks for selling that ticket, too That story messed me up the most of all the stories we had this week because it makes you wonder about all of the choices You have every day things Happy accidents when they Mess up your order and you get sausage instead of bacon in your breakfast sandwich. Was it meant to be now? I question everything so my advice don't think about it too hard Oh, I could really go for a breakfast sandwich right now though seven number seven artists art wasn't really art Question mark they have to give the money back We talked about this story when it happened and now the courts have ruled on it an artist in denmark has to pay back Around seventy two thousand dollars to the museum that hired him to do some kind of artwork The artwork was supposed to incorporate a bunch of bank notes But the artist kept those bank notes and instead gave the museum a couple blank canvases artist is quoted in the story as saying The work is that I have taken their money That's an actual quote from the artist by the way. The artwork was called take the money and run You want to see the artwork? I mean just imagine a you know, white canvas and you've seen it You've seen one of the most famous artworks of the modern era. It's certainly got a lot of publicity. I don't know Art that much but it seems quite famous to me. Anyway blank canvas take the money and run So 10 weird stories from this week's news What a weird week six number six this week is surfing snake incident results in big fine A fellow in australia took his snake out on the surfboard the video went viral video got a lot of attention Also the attention of wildlife authorities and now the snake owner has been fined over two thousand dollars He says the snake didn't even hiss So, you know the snake the snake was having fun the snake only hisses when it's not having fun You guys authorities say surfing puts the snake under unnecessary stress That's me sort of paraphrasing but if you want to see a photo of the snake I mean imagine a snake on a surfboard There you go, but we do have a photo if you want to click the show notes or go to show notes page five Number five these train wrestlers you guys pro wrestlers recently in the news for fighting on a japanese bullet train Imagine you're seated on the train It's doing maybe 180 miles an hour and these wrestlers come down the aisle bringing the hurt And It happened the train was packed but the people on the train were there to see the wrestling It was a wrestling event you guys a weird venue though DDT pro wrestling put the event on pro wrestling in the aisle of a train They've had a few weird events like this.

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