A highlight from Willie and Korie Robertson


Hey you, have you checked your bucket list lately? Are you ready to take care of item number seven? Listening to The Eric Mataxas Show? Well welcome, tune in, and then move on to item number eight. Skydiving with Chuck Schumer and AOC. Here now is Mr. Completed My Bucket List at age 12, Eric Mataxas. Hey there folks, welcome to the program. Hey Chris, do you know where I am? I believe you're in Texas. Yes, technically. I'm in Dallas, Texas, and I am in a hotel in Dallas, Texas. Tonight, I'm speaking at an event tonight for Parent Compass. That's going to be the Park City Baptist Church that's here in Dallas. I don't know, I think there's still tickets, but I will be signing books until the cows come home. I'd love that. So if there's anybody who can get to Dallas tonight, I'm speaking tonight, and I'm here for that. And I'm excited about it. I love being here, I have friends here. So with you in Dallas or Texas, you said till the cows come home. Technically, I think we need to state when that is, because that's literal in Texas. Yes, and they come home to Fort Worth, but they commute to Dallas. So tonight I got that event. Tomorrow I fly to California because I got three events in California. I mean, we got a whole bunch of stuff going on. It's a very crazy time. Now, before I forget, in this hour, I'm talking to Willie and Corey Robertson of the Duck Dynasty Robertsons. There's a film coming out this Thursday. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to support this film. These are the kind of films that I'm just telling you, if you don't like what's happening in the culture, which I would assume anybody with a half a brain understands that we're in trouble in American culture, in America, you need to support good things. And when somebody puts something like this out, you need to make an effort. It's the story of Phil Robertson. It's an unbelievable story. I'll be talking to them about it. But please make a note. This is going to be in theaters for, they give you like a week and then it goes away and then the garbage comes back. If it does well, they'll keep it in the theaters like Jesus Revolution, like Sound of Freedom. We need to do everything we can to support this kind of thing, especially when it's good, not just because it tells stories that we like, but it's actually artistically excellent and it tells stories we like. So it's called The Blind, obviously referring to a duck blind, at least in part, but The Blind, you can go to theblindmovie .com. It's important that you support this, that you tell your friends on social media.

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