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Alright alright yeah they might join us well hopefully yes that'd be good yep so I'm ready when you are alright let's go okay so I've been looking at lighters and cigars lately oh yeah mainly the point lighters and yeah the point lighters st. the point the point later it's just been curious might be something I might want to do I might want to collect lighters for some weird reason I think it might be cool don't like the smoke I don't really have anything to celebrate so maybe not smoke them but it might be good to try one at least once yeah sweet I'm hoping that Faith be joins come on ask her what's her why she it's on your teeth yeah that'd be interesting I mean I on one hand I can understand where she's coming from with what's being said about him but on the other hand I think it's important to do research because you never know unless you understand the full context not not to say everyone doesn't understand but you never know if you'd be lied to what if what we see right now is just an illusion true make to believe what we want to believe then you can live in your own fantasy land yes and a matter how hard you tried to be red -pilled you're always gonna get blue pill out of nowhere yep you gotta have a sharp mind yes yes I don't get why she thinks that men thinks she was much who I don't get what she was talking about earlier well and get understand that she doesn't want men to take over but the country of the world was built by men it was built by it every major corporation was built by a man or the vast majority of them I'll give them that I'll give the there have been some very famous male sign to female scientists Madden Curry Mary not to mention I will give them the fact that they a woman did help create the atomic bomb well I did help Einstein create the atomic bomb basically finished the Manhattan Project so they did help build that I'm not saying they can't become the biggest richest man the richest person in the world but I don't think it's gonna happen anytime this century I could be wrong I think it takes determination for women to show that they could do whatever man can it's just that that little amount of determination that there is representation on their behalf they need they need they need there needs to be something that's shown that it is possible regardless of gender religion sexuality at most whatever people group whatever people group there is a chance that you can make it I am gonna say this not all women were Putin present not all women were given their position because they're a talent a vast majority of them and this is sad to say but it kind of means women success but which is true happenstance is the fact a vast majority of these women they were put in positions that they had no business being put into didn't have the skills enough talent they were just put in there because it what's fp they want to say oh we hired a first female VP yeah oh bug off this also experience was her background exactly they don't know it they do what they do it's just ridiculous I know there are people I'm not saying all women are all women were put in this position like this I'm sure there's some ones are very qualified for the jobs and they were put given this corrosion given these opportunities but you've got a quick question of a lot of them were they truly given this jokes of our talents or they just get promoted for worship for virtue like the GM CEO Mary Barra she's unqualified unfit and quite honestly I'm surprised she hasn't been sucked and she's gonna be one of the main reasons why General Motors probably goes under that's just one not to mention I think that will be there I personally believe the future of American companies are all being run by Indian India like so basically yeah Google Indian feel Microsoft Indian there's probably offers swells is there so uh have you heard the news what news up Obama might be gay well I already know that I'm talking about another thing what's over news okay you see no there's this new immigration rule for the UK what's the immigration law so basically in short even if you're a foreigner where you're allowed to enter the UK visa -free you still need something that's called an ETA so you need permission even if you're a foreigner in a country where you can answer enter the UK visa -free you'd certainly permission to come into the country to do whatever and you can stay no longer than six months with the exception of going there for work or even long or long -term study so even if you so they have to get they actually have to go for citizenship yes you need to ask permission to the government to enter the country apply for citizenship by it seems how's the vast majority taken that well what do you think well I shouldn't you should you should know that unless we don't have a fucking field day but let's be real here yes is a little bit concerning but something has to be done about immigration yeah but but not like this so what so what so what let's repeat what they're doing again so basically blocking anybody from coming into the country technical yes what they are promoting is they need to ask the government permission to enter the country even to foreigners in countries that are given free to free access into the UK you still need to ask the government hey can I come in and then if they say yes then you can go in I wonder how that I wonder if I'll stop the boats I don't think I don't think it's about the boats what do you think that that's a separate story what do you think it's about then what do you think it's about control or for it is well has soon that killed his opportunity of staying in in power or is he oh no he's killed his chances ages ago at this point people can people are safely saying then the next election labor majority as I'll never fucking happen that'll never fucking happen well the odds say otherwise I know you don't believe I don't believe everything here in the media I wouldn't trust I wouldn't trust stormer without ever could touch him with two pennies oh no I'm not I'm not painting this in the media the the book he's saying that well the bookies are always the bookies said but Trump would never win and he did win so he's still got his chances if he can fucking fix the economy cuz trust me it's not gonna get better under stormer storms a fucking idiot if you're under stormer Jamie you're gonna be getting rid of your oil and gas you'll be dependent on the thingy and we'll be literally sucking up will be sucking will be the LGBTQ will be plastered around every fucking set will be plastered all around England you've seen the state of Scotland don't let it come to that point I feel sorry for Scots we are gonna hit I hate the LGBTQ I think some a lot of nonsense called mentally ill people doesn't help fun to smoke the representative in my stay in my down the road representative in like one of my districts that is transgender I never happens it is very important to ask people why why are you feeling the way you are why are you doing the things that you're doing I think it's a lot of it I think it's mainly really for attention at least if what we need to do is stop giving these people attention stop giving these people stopping knowledge in their existence because we acknowledge your existence we're just encouraging their behavior it's like saying when you are when a baby when a cries baby cries you don't give it attention cuz it just it you're just rewarding it what we need to do is figure out a way to lower prices on properties what we need is cheap food we need the pricing on food to be as cheap as possible need the prices on property to be cheap so what I'm thinking to stop to solve that I'm thinking what if we were to create a bond what we were to create like a special thing right about basically help give give give everybody give people everyday people an opportunity to basically buy a house so basically cutting the prices in half right and give and give it it's only a certain type of thing that's only allowed for everyday people for the everyday people for the people and not and called big corporations can't use let use it what I'm suggesting we do is give like give massive loopholes for everyday people but bar and control property it's limit them at property but but like the likes of Blackrock the crop price Warhouse Cooper TSB and all these banks in Britain can buy so I've heard rumors that TSB is looking to get into the property market rental property markets which is quite interesting I so else's sir be bought into any new companies lately good strategy the changes in the stock market or the economy for that matter you got anything in pharmaceuticals besides John and Johnson and Johnson there's not much big father I'm investing in it till right now sure if things go away I think is you might be getting a shitload of money off Johnson Johnson soon because of the the sniff yes a district in California basically banned masks in backseat basically banned wearing on masks let's start yeah but it's a district that's always mainly Republican okay okay that makes sense you'd be surprised but there's a lot of Republicans in in California the only thing is so it's not enough to clear the state I do think that California is not big it should be split into two states I'm saying like it should be the north and the east of California one side we should do north of California and east of California and split it down the middle and basically one I personally think that should be it give more delicate seats but remember give more opportunities but not to mention it might be a thing that it might give over can I think all the all the side with Ellie I think everything to do with Ellie and Cupertino should be Cupertino LA California Cupertino all of that should be under one state and the rest of it should be the number let San Francisco I kind of like the north -south California divide yeah well I think in San Francisco part of California oh yeah it's a famous coastal city of California why can't we make that and why can't we make that and it surrounds areas its own state I don't think it's big I don't think it's big enough to be its own state I think it'll be as close as Rhode Island or Delaware it's it's the smallest area let's go but I'm saying the Bay Area maybe California big you know yeah I think I think San Francisco Bay and other neighboring neighborhoods that I think that should be enough to it for it to become its own stuff yeah it could be the next Washington DC what do you mean a shithole well yes but it's also like a district that's predominantly Democrats Washington DC ever since the u .s.

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