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Interactive brokers' clients earn up to USD 4 .83 % on their uninvested, instantly available cash balances. Rates subject to change. Visit ibkr .com slash interest rates to learn more. Join us again Monday morning, 5 a .m. Wall Street time for the latest on markets overseas and the news you need to start your day. I'm Tom Busby. Stay with us. Top stories and global business headlines are coming up right now. Broadcasting 24 hours a day at Bloomberg .com and the Bloomberg Business Act. This is Bloomberg Radio. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is offering little to no clear answers on the next steps for government funding. He spoke to reporters Friday after House Republicans met for almost three hours to come up with a plan to avoid a government shutdown. I think we had an interesting conversation there, but we continue to work through trying to find the way out of this. I firmly believe there are no winners in a government shutdown, and I think that's the best way forward to make sure a government does not shut down. McCarthy says he thinks a Senate bill without $6 billion in funding for Ukraine could pass in the House, adding he thinks Democrats will oppose it. Earlier Friday, the House failed to pass a GOP -led short -term funding bill that included deep cuts and border provisions. Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith is pushing for a gag order against former President Donald Trump. Jim Forbes has more. The order would limit what Trump could say publicly about the ongoing criminal cases against him. Smith initially asked for a limited gag order earlier this month, but updated the request on Friday, citing Trump's threats against witnesses. Last week, Trump claimed General Mark Milley had committed treason and should be, quote, executed.

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