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Not real when you put your mugshot out there. I guess maybe if they're smiling we know it's not real now that we've seen the contrast here. I'm so confused about so many things. Jeannie, thank you so much. Rick Davis as well. They're gonna join us later, by the way, on Balance of Power, our closers, our signature panel. So meet all of us later on today on Bloomberg TV. In the meantime, we bring Kaylee Lyons into the conversation. Coming up next, Hour 2 of Sound On starts right now. It's been there. People are going to say I was doing better then than I am now. Bloomberg Sound On. Politics, policy and perspective from DC's top names. You got to work to get people back to work, but not only that, but to higher paying jobs. The Russian threat is being degraded and unfortunately it's being degraded at the cost of Ukrainian lives, blood, treasure. Bloomberg Sound On with Joe Matthew and Kaylee Lyons on Bloomberg Radio. The is fight not over. Welcome to Hour 2 of Sound On as Jay Powell makes it clear in Jackson Hole they have not yet won the fight against inflation. More hikes could be coming and rates could stay higher for longer. But you knew that already. We'll talk about what we learned today with two important interviews that Bloomberg's Michael McKee will bring us live from Jackson Hole this hour. Chicago Fed President Austin Goolsbee and Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester with analysis from Bloomberg Fed expert Kate Davidson. We've got a big hour ahead here and glad to say that Kaylee Lyons has joined us for it.

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