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With Bloomberg, you get the story behind the story, the story behind the global birth rate, behind your EV battery's environmental impact, behind sand, yeah, sand, you get context. And context changes everything. Go to Bloomberg .com to get context. I'm standing in my lane. I'm not trying to be funny here. It's only Wednesday -loving. All right, that'll do it for Tim and me. Have a great and safe evening, everybody. Don't go anywhere. This is Bloomberg Daybreak Asia for this Thursday, September 28th in Hong Kong, Wednesday, September 27th in New York. And coming up today... Shares in microns slide after the company forecast a loss that is steeper than expected. Citadel plans to push back against the SEC's probe on WhatsApp. And Japan and the U .S. warn of China -backed hackers targeting both American and Japanese companies. GOP now says government shutdown is about the border. Senate will work on passing a resolution to stop the shutdown. GOP debate tonight, and the giant pandas are going back to China. I'm Ed Baxter with Global News. Manchester City is eliminated from the Carabao Cup by Newcastle United. I'm Dan Schwartzman. I'll have that story and more coming up in Bloomberg Sports. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. On Bloomberg 1130 New York, Bloomberg 99 .1 Washington, D .C., Bloomberg 106 .1 Boston, Bloomberg 960 San Francisco, Sirius XM 119, and around the world on BloombergRadio .com and via the Bloomberg Business App. Hi everybody, on this Thursday morning here in Hong Kong...

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