A highlight from Coinbase Buying FTX? (Crypto News Update)


Good morning, everybody. It's time to discover crypto. It's 11 .33am Eastern Standard Time, 8 .33am Pacific Standard Time, because we always, you know, we take a few minutes just to let you percolate, get inside here. We have a new guest on the twos today. We still got Drew on the ones, but on the twos, we got Jackie holding it down. What's up, guys? All right, Jackie, I just want to give about 10 -30 seconds to describe where they might know you from. You might find me on X. I do a little show called The Useless Crypto News, and it's kind of like if SNL's weekend update talked about crypto. Okay. All right. All right. Let's see the page. Okay, here we go. Let's just get right into the crypto markets, guys. We're going to talk about Bitcoin. We're going to talk about, did the NSA have a hand in Bitcoin? Maybe we're also going to talk about Coinbase potentially buying FTX, but there's a catch to FTX Europe, and it looks like it might not actually happen. Also, we have some CBDC stuff and Google Cloud. What are your thoughts on Google Cloud, Drew? I don't think it's going anywhere. It's going to keep growing. We'll see if they can compete heavily with AWS, but it's going to matter a lot who gets good deals in crypto with them. I think they're going to make some big moves. Last but not least, we got some XRP news and Chainlink news. What are your views on Chainlink? It's kind of a boomer coin. Okay, Drew, you might need to just take over at this point. My 4 .2 Chainlink in my wallet is just, you know, it might not ever recover from that. I was going to try to make it 4 .7 today. I might sell 0 .5 and reduce my exposure down to 3 .7, but let's just get into the crypto market, see what things are heading. It looks like we're slightly ticking upward here. We are up 0 .5 % on the market cap here, almost at 1 .1 trillion, 24 -hour volume, looking fairly healthy right now, $42 billion, and Bitcoin dominance coming in at 47 .4%, ETH dominance 17 .5%. And gas is the cheapest I've seen it in pushing almost a year at this point, definitely the cheapest I've seen it in over 6 months. We are close to single -digit GWEI there, 11 GWEI, meaning you can get in and out of your altcoins on Uniswap, very, very cheap. You want to mint that NFT, that's free. It might actually be close to free. It won't be a $20 gas fee. It might be closer to, depending on the NFT, you're looking at like a maybe $2 mint, so really, really cheap right now. And you can probably send Tether for less than a dollar, ETH certainly less than a dollar. All right, let's look at Bitcoin price right now and some of these other coins. Bitcoin is up 0 .4%, everybody, looking fairly healthy. We have Ethereum up 1 .0%. We have XRP, the XRP community, feeling good, feeling powerful. Looks like you're Lidostake, Ether down. Cardano, me, I'm licking my wounds. The XRP community, they are the champions today. The Cardano community, we're the losers today. Let's just call it like it is. My bag's down, yeah. Okay, so Cardano's down 1 .2%. Solana up a little bit. And TonCoin, still shaving some gains here. Did you get into TonCoin or the Telegram coin there? Unfortunately, I did not because I think Telegram's kind of an atrocious app to use. I prefer Discord, but if Discord made a coin, I'd be all over that. Yeah, and they rejected the rumblings and the musings of a coin over a year ago. You know, the idea was floated and the gamer community flatly rejected free money.

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