New York's Legendary Mole People


On a cold evening in nineteen ninety two journalists jennifer toth accompanied six new york police officers on their patrol through the new york city subway. She'd been inside the tunnels before. But this was the first time with a police escort. The cops hopped onto the tracks. Flashlights in hand. Toth was careful as she climbed down after them. Stepping over the electrified third rail the tracks were live which means that one accidental touch of the rail could kill her instantly as they walk deeper into the tunnel. Toth noticed a few discarded. Needles and glass vials. That used to hold crack cocaine a disgusting odor filled the space. She spotted human feces everywhere. The tunnel was silent except for the faint echoes of dripping water and scratching rats. Then a figure moved in the darkness. A behead heavy footsteps move toward them. One of the cops swung his flashlight around his hand drawn to his sidearm. Ready to draw and fire bay saw the figure race up a rusty ladder leading to a small room hidden in the tunnel. Ceiling toke was sure. It was one of the infamous mole people. She and the cops gave chase but the figure seemingly vanished. The cops weren't willing to go any deeper into the tunnel so to meet the real mole. People toth had to go into the darkness alone.

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