Is Vaccine Hesitancy a New Phenomenon?



The vocal anti vaccination movement is fairly recent and was really kicked into gear in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight by a now discredited paper that appeared in the medical journal lancet which falsely linked vaccines with autism however vaccine. Hesitancy is as old as vaccines themselves. How stuff works also spoke with dr katherine edwards. The author of an american academy of pediatrics clinical report called countering vaccine hesitancy and she said this has been going on for centuries and pointed to a cartoon published back in eighteen o to the depicts people growing cow-like parts this was in response to edward jenner pioneering smallpox vaccine by using material from cowpox a medical historian by the name of elena kanas wrote in a twenty fifteen in the american historian that the first smallpox vaccine quote was met with enthusiasm but also dread while many patients and physicians were eager to fend off air as most feared diseases. Many others balked at the prospect of contaminating their healthy bodies with disease matter from an animal. And then when european countries began making smallpox vaccines mandatory. And the early eighteen. Hundreds she wrote that quote societies of anti vaccination assists formed to protest what they saw as unequal treatment and undue infringement of individual liberty. But they didn't get much traction. There was also little protest against the polio vaccine which was released in nineteen fifty four to wild enthusiasm in america according to conus she wrote parents so dreaded polio that they were quick to seek the vaccine for their children and course of politics never became necessary but as the decades went on american parents. Were not so excited about vaccinations for measles mumps and other diseases. She noted perhaps because people were used to living with these diseases.

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