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Number here. 63283 61 60. That's 63 to 836160 kicking off the second hour. The program we did tonight at the end, and are you? Of course you can bring up anything you want, especially if you're on the streets in Cuba, anywhere in Cuba were thousands of people. Are across the entire country, not just Savannah. But in towns large and small, protesting the status quo. They're protesting communism, specifically demanding freedom, demanding freedom, demanding an end to communism and end to dictatorship. They've got serious money problems, which I want to get into because it's always fascinating to Like a train wreck is fascinating in a horrifying manner to see what these communists um governments are doing to money all around the planet and remember, the same stuff can happen here and is happening here to some extent, as far as inflation is concerned, but it's even worse in these other places, and I want to get into what's happening in Cuba, but first In case you thought Joe Biden actually cares about the little guy in case you thought that Joe Biden was actually different from Donald Trump and was going to Oh, I don't know, maybe step in and undo some of the damaging policies that Trump put in place to actually hurt the people of Cuba, because, remember when you cut off Remittances To Cuba. You're not hurting the Cuban military. They are funded by the government there and they're going to be fine. The military will always get fed in a communist dictatorship. Tourist because they're the ones who, you know. Shoot the peasants for the Dictator. Yep. And you know if it comes to the point where the military is not eating well, then that's the end for the communist dictatorship. But up Until that point, they're going to take care of the military, so the military is not going to be harmed by a policy against Remittances. So just for those tuning in, we discovered in the last hour that one of the issues on the island in Cuba beyond the starvation that communism Sense to cause and all the issues that communism in central control cause was exacerbated a bit by the Trump administration in November of last year. Making an administrative change. So it was just, you know, an executive order. That Trump apparently signed to say, Okay, we are now going to ban all U. S companies from doing business with any company in Cuba that has a connection to the military. And that's every company And that's certainly It's certainly true of Western Union. They had a connection to find some X or then seven X or something like that, which is a military owned financial corporation that handles Remittances on the island. So basically all of Cuba has been cut off. From receiving Remittances, which are monies sent from usually family members here in the U. S to help their family eat. In Cuba. Well, a person should certainly be allowed to send money to whoever they want to, but I don't in a free country. They should. I don't think I agree that Trump's policy exacerbated the situation that just sort of removed the band aid that was or the the tourniquet that was slowing the bleeding. Okay. I see what you're saying there, but it is It was wrong. It's wrong. It's a restriction on our freedom at the very least, and it certainly is hurting the people of Cuba. Um, And if you thought Biden actually gave a damn Well. Here's the news from May of this year reported by the hill dot com. The Biden administration's first major move on Cuba is the strongest signal yet that it has little appetite to reverse Trump era policies toward the island nation. Yes, the State Department this past week listed Cuba is among those quote. Not cooperating fully with the United States. Anti terrorism X efforts, unquote renewing a determination. Maybe that's because they're watching the U. S government go out there create more terrorists. They're like, No, We're not going to assist with this. Maybe that's it or they just, You know, I don't want to help the U. S when they're embargo in their country, But for those in favor of normalizing U. S ties with Cuba, the move was seen as a purely political decision, but one that suggests that Biden administration may continue with the hard line approach taken by former President Trump. And then it just goes on about how nothing's going to change, according to the binding administration, State Department, So no, he's not going to He all you would have to do is wave his little magic signing pen. And undo one of the trump because he when he got into office, he undid a bunch of trump executive orders. That's one of the things Oh, yeah, yeah, he got he got right. I don't pay attention to what these people do. I generally don't but I was paying attention to the inauguration or whatever, because there was all those troops that we remember the National Guard. So I was paying attention to that one. And, you know, he got into office and undid a bunch of trump executive orders. But I guess the starving people of Cuba just don't matter to Joe Biden have thought he was going to do something about it. All right. So let's get into the money aspect of this because he had people are maybe you could smell them. He would care. Mm. Well, he's old. He probably can't smell real Well. Is that why he gets so close to kids in order to Yeah, Probably. Al jazeera dot com. Now they are, You know, one of the better news reporting agencies on the planet. What will what will Cuba's new single currency mean for the island? Who knew that Cuba had to Currencies. Did you know that? I did not What was the second one? We'll talk about it because it's very confusing. I would expect it to be, Yeah. So, and this was published in January of this year. So at the very end of 2020, the Cuban government formally ended its dual currency system and seven months later, people are in the streets, starving. Yes, they are devaluing its peso for the first time since the 1959 revolution. That swept the late Fidel Castro to power. So that can't be accurate. There's no way a government went 50 years without devaluing their currency.

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