'Legally Blonde' Celebrates 20th Anniversary


Happy 20th Anniversary. A woods going to Harvard is the only way I'm going to get the love of my life Back legally. Blonde turns 20 Today, a movie co star Luke Wilson told me, he thought at first was just an The romantic comedy You Know, I really wasn't taking it that seriously. But then he says he saw the character created by star Reese Witherspoon and realized he needed to step up his game and like she's really like committed to this, it was like to me. It was like, you know, a Nicholas Cage type character. So you have valuable outwards trendsetting film, now adored by millions in a third movie is in the works. Jason Nathan's an ABC News. Hollywood actually did a musical as well of legally Blonde and, Yeah, the movie was pushed back back from from the the pandemic, pandemic, So So it's it's coming coming up up next next year. year. Okay, Okay, six six or or seven seven here here on on Colorado's Colorado's Morning Morning news. news. We We had had to to disguise disguise the the top top is is the the

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