Dodgers’ Manager Dave Roberts Not Expecting Bauer Back After 7-Day Leave


Could be on the bench for longer than previously thought. Manager Dave Roberts says he doesn't expect power to be on the mound in the coming days, even after his administrative leave it set to expire Friday, and they'll be benched him amid recent sexual assault allegations against him something the Pasadena Police Department is investigating. Matt Moreno is managing editor of Dodger Blue, the website of journalism about the Dodgers. He spoke to Kcrw's greater L A. About the allegations, at least for now is a little bit of, he said, she said, and I don't mean to kind of Make light of the situation at all. But You know, there isn't necessarily concrete that the police have been able to find yet, at least to my understanding. The Dodgers have taken criticism for not taking action themselves before MLB did, Merino says. That can be attributed to the collective bargaining agreements between teams and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Once MLB launches their

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