Confirmed: We Played a Lot More Video Games During Pandemic

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After the show to learn about special financing for talking tech listeners listeners. It's mike schneider here and i'm proud. Molina wilkin back to talking tech. Mike i know we wrote stories during the pandemic about people playing video games as we were forced to adopt a stay at home lifestyle but now there are some actual survey findings support. This tried brett. The entertainment software association. And that's the trade group that puts on the annual electronic entertainment expo which we refer to fondly as e three That association just released its annual essential facts about the video game industry report and found that more than half of video game players fifty five percent so that played more games during the pandemic and most players ninety percent so they'll continue playing after the country opens up. This is based on a four on four thousand. Us adults surveyed by the market research. Firm ipsos For the usa now some other findings Respondents said that video games provided stress relief. That was from fifty five percent of them and forty eight percent. Said you'll games provided a distraction Parents also said that video games churches in escape in a break for the kids. That's seventy one percent of parents surveyed said and more than half a parents. Fifty nine percent said their children play educational games in two thirds of parents. Sixty six percent said video games made the transition to distance learning easier for their kids. Some other interesting fact survey overall two hundred twenty seven million americans say they play video games and that's up from two hundred and fourteen million the year before. I don't know what you think. The average age of video game players brett but they are thirty one years old. How many games identify as female. Forty five percents Eighty percent of the game players in the us are over. Eighteen

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