A highlight from Xbox coming to your TVs without a console

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Brett molina here. And i'm mike schneider and welcome back to talking tech. There's been a lot of video game news lately but some the caught my years was that microsoft is looking to bring its xbox game pass service directly to television. That's correct the xbox game pass ultimate subscription service which you can of like microsoft's answer to video games as what net is to movies and tv. It costs fourteen ninety nine a month and currently gets you more than one hundred games on. Pc's and android tablets and phones all without an xbox console now microsoft says it wants to make the service available on more screens including working with tv's and the company is working with tv makers to embed an xbox experience to internet connected devices so basically if you have a tv and a good internet connection you can bypass the three hundred to five hundred dollars. You might spend on a console and have all your games stored in the cloud. This would certainly seem a great way to expand the xbox audience brett. I mean not. Everyone wants a console and right now not everybody can get the new console. They want because they just aren't enough out there. By the way cloud gaming could be the future games as google and amazon.

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