England's Sterling Start



Will kick things off by taking a look at some of the action today stopping off at wembley england taking on croatia expectation of course in london and beyond amongst this england. Sign as well came out. Transplant failed foton of the post. You're really good. I have just opened mrs body. I think takes only read through off the inside of the post and oh those are the margins and then some the the board falter calvin phillips strikes us nicely much. It was absolutely brilliant. And that's one of the hottest techniques. When you on to take on the volley really really good. Hitler offer a bright saw. It got lethargic. The game wasn't particularly brilliant. But then philip's plays into sterling would make it one now is a great break from from phillips but what group fantastic run from styling change it to perfection keeps himself on site nice little ball through there and just money's used to get it possible keep hurricane didn't do too much in this game had a chance just was awfully. I think they're just just before hurricane coming around the back of of the defendant so inland with a one nil victory alexis newness a of off. The team selection came out. Everyone becomes the got fun. Everyone tries to make the decisions and felt that maybe you know garrison. Everyone was going to be a little to save on the wanted to see you guys set free but exactly kind of what you did. So is that something that we can expect to see from. You guys probably going forward. Yeah definitely i think you know. The manager are software has a lot of confidence in his players. His a low confidence in the team. Apex and ria. Because we work hard where because players You know we all believe in you know together. We can form available punch but thanks to York shapiro is trending on twitter. The number one trending one. I'm sure grand valleys up there super proud and now she's always proud of you elite shirt but what do you think she think of tonight and england shirts boss should be very You know every game. I listened to her songs before the game. And just try and make up enough foster. We're happy

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