A highlight from 06/11/2021 - HOUR 2 - Mitchell, Giannis


F s one clippers lost. I still liked him in the series They are a hard team to get your arms around. They're not very good the clutch data's stature. Bad late you get inconsistent efforts. Last night reggie jackson's great paul. George is wonderful in co sorta disappears late. That's just the clippers. Nothing's easy for them. So i still liked them over utah. But listen if you'll lose to utah it's fine. Utah's really good. I think denver good. But they're they're missing jamal. Murray will bart and they're not the same team so eight teams left none of one a titles. Nineteen eighty-three and i think it's really fun I wanna talk on. Russell wilson so It's funny about russell wilson. He's thirty two years old and unlike brady and lebron the brady and lebron were into this You know this nutrition stuff at the beginning of their careers because it wasn't really available as much in the country russell. Wilson's thirty two years old. He will play well into his forties. So russell wilson has played nine years in the nfl. He's going to. He's not halfway there yet. In my opinion russell wilson will play into his forties. I think he's got twelve more years left. And i think his prime is still probably five to six more years. He takes meticulous care of his body. He's a very young thirty two years old whereas shawn watson not only has some legal issues. He's been hurt twice. Aaron rodgers thirty seven couple collarbone surgery. So i i think russell's gonna play for a long time but yesterday he was talking about you know some of the some of the issues with seattle in the off season and i tend to believe whether it's a corporate employees and corporate bosses husband and a wife a player and a team. I think there needs to be a balance in the relationship. Otherwise it creates resentment and and you don't want resentment. Aaron rodgers now resents that he doesn't get enough say with the packers you find husbands and wives. There's a resentment of he or she controls the relationship and so russell wilson pushback in the off season and seattle responded meaning. There's a reasonable balance between the front office and the quarterback and yesterday russell doesn't want to leave seattle. the grass can sometimes be greener. I don't believe. There's a greener pasture for russell wilson then seattle. I'll get to that in a second. But here's russell. Yesterday you know in terms of trade talks. I think any time you play professional. There's always a possibility of something happened right. And i think that's just the reality. I think that there's a lot of teams out there. That people were saying that i was going to are we go to. I requested a trade. I did not request trae I've always wanted to play here You know in in the reality is a you know Think calls were getting thrown around. And this and that and i think that's a reality But at the end of the day the the real reality islam here. And i'm here to win. I'm here to win at all. And go back to the four teams that were interested in him in terms of grass is greener. Las vegas well. They don't have a winning culture. When's the last time they were great and back to back years chicago. They can never get the offense right and in from a weather standpoint. There's a reason they haven't had a lot of great quarterbacks it's windy it's cold northern division That wouldn't be the first place. I wanna play. If i was a quarterback there's dallas meddling owner and there's new orleans they were one hundred million dollars over the cap. Seattle really works for russell wilson and in part of the reason. It works for russell. Wilson is

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