A highlight from Part 2: Sandra Tsing Loh, plus The News (ACS June 11)


You nice to be here I was noticing that you were raised in malibu alley. Yeah and. I spent some time in malibu and walking around a lot and looking at buildings look at it houses. They're building on pch. One was for sale for like forty nine billion dollars. There's another one triple lot one. They're building with the case on rigs and stops gotta to be someone's gonna win sixty five million dollars that but if you talk to guys like rob lowe who grew up out. There are bound our age. He's like we rode horses. Kind of a podunk town. There wasn't much going on. So tell us we'll start more move toward the future in pasadena. But what was malibu. Like in the seventies so malibu middle school in the nineteen seventies is horrific. Was malibu park junior high school. There was no high school so what many don't know is there. I was one of the poor of malibu so my father was a chinese engineer from shanghai and he worked at hughes research labs with was up there so we nerd kids were flung into school with. They were even movie star. Kids then in the seventies like flip wilson son was there christie macnichol. And it's kind of like an my computer date. He never showed up was the first time they try was chad mcqueen. Wow okay so you can imagine so my mother. My mother's remain. She's a head taller than my father. Who's chinese we are so nerdy. The kids are chinese german. So we look hispanic my mother's dressing us up and heidi. The upside during does unclog defended the sound of music. Limburg or cheese sandwich Send you more dental. Yeah those those things. 'cause ringlets and chad mcqueen so middle schools already so horrific and then not only. Are your peers. Movie stars sean. Penn was vice president of cowboys thing and and president of the surfing club and so chad mcqueen. His dad is steve mcqueen and his mother's alley mcgraw and she's speeds up to school in a red convertible afterwards and he's their son and that he's the computer date he doesn't show up piece he just you know it was really horrific. That's devastating. yeah i of. His name is chad mcqueen even if he was from for anyone. Still yeah the coolest name of the seventies and also you brought up flip wilson. We're talking about catchphrases or calling cars. He would do geraldine. Brian black woman. Then he'd go back off sucker. You can find geraldine back. He'd get away with so much. That wasn't entertainment back. Then back off sucker or some version of that backs and lee. Marvin bortles lee. Marvin's house and the children were scared. Because he'd be like so drunk all and me who is not a happy drunk. He was like a mean drunk. Yeah absolutely emilio estevez. Nice nice rob lowe was so it was like but it was really surreal and i think even at that particular time. These these kids were already kind of famous. Well here's a hypothetical question for everybody. And i for some reason. I have some weird recollection of lee marvin. Being one of the first palimony guys there may have been a famous lee marvin case with palimony and that he lived in malveaux and he had like a live in girlfriend for ten years and then they broke up and she's like well. We didn't get married by blue yet. Thirteen hundred turns recourse. Gotta be worth a car. I think giving lee marvin. I've sketchy recollections. so here's the hypothetical. Would you rather be the dorky kid. That's growing up in the coolest place in the world with the coolest people definitely. I mean doesn't sound great but on the other hand dorky kid with just a pool of dorky dumb working so i sort of grow up. That's not great shakes either because you get to go to leave. Marvin's house shitty apartment van. I yeah you center way better cocktail stories than you do. Cocktail party stories. Well i don't think we did many of those actually but it was very unsupervised in the seventies. I mean girls. I mean it was awful like the children like bob awesome. Depending on running. Around and maria was his daughter really cool like went immediately to orthodox jewish high school. It's like i can't take this anymore. It was a real the seventies. Were real free to be me. And so what it was. Because i grew up around that kind of hippie ethos too which is like they kind of did this thing like. Hey they're human beings. They're not kids they have. They can make their own decision. They wanna go to bed. But it's really. It's like. I want to go into this room and get high and i don't wanna fuck and make an omelet guilty about so you're now you're noun adult i even though you're loving go with them. And fuck you want. That was kind of a seventies thing. But yeah and there's a lot of experimentation with kind of like not like clubs like boys rap or automotive mechanics and girls would take that and a little bit of home. So they were trying to do outdated kind of internet the punch hook arague and that sort of poetry brock poetry but didn't really groom us for then you had to build basically bus yourself. Santa monica our each samo high care because that's the nearest high school forty-five minutes away but still must've been kind of nice up in that malibu environment as a young person. I suppose the palm trees and the puka shell biller. Outposts shirts and the girls had the jordache jeans manda fair jeans and the cork wedgies gina. You're too young. That man fares fair and then the chaminda fair but probably would take on it. It's good if you're chad mcqueen. Dad's steve mcqueen. You got this. Lucas shells not the fake plastic ones

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