Interview With the Rusty Pilot, Pat Brown

Behind the Prop


What's up. Wally bobby how are you. I'm great at this week. We are all about the rusty pilot with us again on the show. Two-time guest pat brown the texas. You can fly ambassador. Welcome back to the show pat. Thanks bob appreciate over three. Pardon me this is number three visit for this is number three or visit than the live show and now rusty pilot so pats men a friend in a i would call him a co worker through through the flight school that i own and recently we had the opportunity to rusty pilot seminar together. We did and i learned a lot as a not so rusty pilot. But someone who doesn't get fly all the time and thought to be a great opportunity to put together a show. Maybe two parts depending on how long this conversation goes to talk about. How do we get a lot of aviators back into the right seat. Left seat if they have been flying in a while pat. You do this all the time. What what are some of the things that you would like to share with people that are out there that may have not flown in a year or more. Well you know. I think Obviously i worked for a oh. Pa so that's going to be the first top of mind thing and the rusty pilot program that we that we offer It we can We do a number of seminars. every month These are webinars right. Now we're back to doing live things but that would be the the primary first of all decide that you want to get back in the air and then take advantage of the rusty pilots seminar. Because that provides you the minimum that sixty one dot fifty-six which is the regu- talks about flight reviews. That's the that requires that takes care of the minimum one hour of ground school that required for For your flight review In reality if you've been out for awhile it's probably gonna take more than an hour and even even when i'm doing these rusty pilot seminars. Tell people look when you go and hire local flight instructor to fly with you. They're still want to sit down and talk to you a little bit and make sure that you remember all these cool things that we just talked about right so that that would be probably the biggest one right there but they gotta make the decision. They want to get back into it.

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