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Alright, let's check it. It's a good Thursday morning to Dana Clark with our WJR traffic and weather first. Dana Good to be with you. As always. Good morning. We have an accident in that road Construction area in Genesee County along us 23 north Buon at Thompson wrote that Rec is blocking the right shoulder. 30 minute delay for trucks across the blue water bridge westbound between Canada and the US now WJR weather first from the Weather Channel, sponsored by shelving dot com Keep your warehouse organized. With shelving dot com selection of storage products. Optimizer space with you Direct pallet, racking and make inventory. Easy to find with our range of shelf labels for upgrades large and small, We've got you covered shelving dot com We rack your world. Pretty good running weather Continuing now Very pleasant morning sector started off down below average by quite a few degrees. Sunshine with a few clouds are more seasonable. This afternoon High 82 tonight clouds back showers after midnight. Maybe a thunderstorm 66 grab the ring here for tomorrow with some scattered showers. Thunderstorms in the forecast you might get hit middle eighties but drying out by the weekend clouds Sunshine low to mid eighties from a weather channel Meteorologist Race Staging Newstalk 7 60 W. J. R. Alrighty. And what are we Looking at I'm uh I'm a little hindered because of our find I T department

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