A highlight from Hour 1: Dumb Luck


The max. Kellerman shot joe podcasts. What feeling himself. Ib by way he kept them in the game for playing. Well carried away at the ed. Katie hits the shot and like eight seconds left in the game winning for a contested shot. Donovan mitchell continues to impress eighty eight say. Espn eight seven. Three seven seven six i. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Books are back in the series with a home win. Eighty six eighty three. The nets are up to one in the series look. The nets are missing. James harden and this is what game three was actually about now. Remember when. I've been telling everyone until i'm blue in the face. Yes not defending jaanus defenders. Do a good enough job of that. And we'll be here all week now really. It's not digital defense. He needs to be playing better jaanus. He played with more. He asserted himself more in game three but he's still took. Ill advised shots. And of course missed way too many of them but no great big wins without a guy on his leveaux. See what about jordan. He needed pippen. I'm not everyone needs help. But pins not jordan's level pit us on one of the ten greatest players who ever lived super great player not wanna ten greatest players who ever lived shock or point out had a prime penny penny was young. You penny was because of injury. The version that shack played with us as good a penny as there ever was and it wasn't enough eat. A penny was great because shack needed. Kobe in his prime weighed in his prime to get it done. Corinne needed oscar. Needed magic shack kareem have one combined ten championships zero

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