A highlight from A Guide to B2B Content Marketing with Manish Nepal


Alright everyone welcome to digital conversations. I am your host billy bateman and today i am joined by munish nepal. Moosh how you doing man. I'm doing great bill. Thanks for having me excited to be talking to you. Yeah excited to have you. We're gonna we're gonna talk about a few different things But before before we hop into it. I wanna give you a chance to let everyone get to know you tell us a little bit about yourself then and what you work not char so My name is monica. And i'm a freelance to marketer with Lillo ten years of experience working with bands mostly b. two b. brands like fresh works. Ringcentral and seals hacker. I recently lost my own marketing agency in bang in the middle of the pandemic and it's called marketing impact and i started to scale my one person. Freelance a business. Because i think that the demand for marketing related services has gone up exponentially owing to the pandemic which i think has forced several people to start their businesses on their own and up until february this year. Two thousand twenty one. I was running. Ask all abm conversations podcast with michael host young. We covered a lot of topics in marketing. The same we are doing here with diesel citizens believed. I decided to move on from that. Podcast after doing it for a little over year year. Because i wanted to invest my time and energy on setting up online. Isn't that. I just mentioned so a from being a podcast host onto two months back. Huron today talking to you in your forecast. That's the story up my personal life in less than thirty seconds. Awesome man so One thing let's let's talk about this for a minute. The shift to the larger demand for digital marketing content with the pandemic it used to be especially in the b. two b. world. You know you could. You'd have your website. You'd be running your digital campaigns but then you're also got you know we're going to trade shows were hosting our own events were bringing customers in. We're going out and have lunch with them visiting on making sure. everything's going. Well that stopped a year ago and is just starting to pick back up again But what did you guys see in terms of that shift like did you go from you. Know like a thirty percent capacity to one hundred percent capacity or or. What are your thoughts on that show. So i'll talk about my personal experience. Which i think was a little ahead of the rest of the world. Which is i. I started my freelancing Career at end to thousand nine of before the pandemic hit the entire world. And i think i. I was lucky because You know. I prepared myself for the lockdown. That had to come the work from home and remote work disruption. That happened just by pure accident. But then i think i hit the lottery because of the pandemic because I was looking for clients.

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