A highlight from LCB Ep. 373 - Top 5 Cats, Loki Episode 5 Discussion, Succession Season 3 Trailer, No Sudden Move (HBO Max) Review, and Kurt Warner Movie... AMAZING!


Of things today steven soderbergh movie no sudden move on. Hbo max He continues his releases of many movies. I thought any fucking like retire like five years ago or some bullshit. D do do like jay z. Retirement movies anymore so he was going to do like this. Yeah this is technically artistic. I it. It has an artistic flair to it. we're gonna talk. No sudden move. Which does star brandon frazier. That'll be a spoiler heavy review because it kind of has to be and then we'll be doing a cat draft. All cats are eligible cats baby. There's a lot of eligible potential picks. Yeah cats pretty pretty popular creature. Also there's a cat is so broad too so there again there could be There could be plenty of picks. What's what's happening out. Inspired the cat draft by the way like what this last time garfield porn on on read it like garfield porn to not like garfield with big breasts scarf not like john and a bikini like porn like cartoon porn. Yeah it was like garfield fucking john. It wasn't like yeah. Yes we've never had a cat draft What's i'll eat it off a little update on the old the old boop situation at the shore. I won't get too graphic but minutes after we ended the podcast last time it stopped recording. I went outside with one other person living in the house and we were talking to the neighbors trying to check out the plumbing sewage pipe in the backyard. We heard a pop turned around. The cap had flown off the pipe and human shit and toilet. Paper were volcano into the backyard. Was these single. Grossest thing i've ever seen in my life it felt great. It was it was shocking levels of disgusting so much to the point where then walked twenty minutes to dinner and didn't say a word just couldn't believe well. How do you go to a edge for going to dinner after that. I guess it'd be hungry. You're hungry you know. what are you gonna do. Yeah it took a well at. We walked at dinner and then we didn't really like another hour and a half or so just kind of walked or is it was just stunning. Was the plumber. Like i told you so told you this happen. Plummer walked in and said said he said holy shit and then the next day the sewage guy came and he just started laughing. He's like s- unbelievable of. I was never like this. Is this is what they do for a living. And he's he's stunned. That's never a great sign. It's all fixed now though they did a great job. So i'm not gonna tell that story anymore. Does that disgusting. It's it's ooh shocking shocking. The volcano of shit. Just really scarf you. what about you guys what. What's what's happened before we get into our us. Some some pretty. We had a couple of massive trailer. We have maybe the funniest trailer we've ever talked about on this. Show coming up in a minute so very tough. I can't wait by My basketball team won a finals game. Which is not something. I expected to see in my lifetime ever just especially based off the last two decades of phantom but other than that nothing crazy son. Sons and four guy is hitting the tobacco. Mom billy i know. He does like now events in phoenix where he goes in like promotes clubs and shit whose hand jamal murray last night. Which is figuring nuggets fan gadgets. Fuck it sucks. i'm sorry but he just. He is reaching that level. He's like selling signed merchandise sunday. Four guys really cool. That whole thing was very funny in awesome. But like i don't wanna signed ball mike. I'm by or guy. Yeah that's the again. I like him. But he's definitely approaching. Second-stage of chewbacca. Mom terri be gotta do that that you should do. You got capital on. It's not you know fifteen minutes or whatever you call it now. It's not even like fifteen minutes of fame as outdated concept. This is just something else. You know like Whenever they would show the videos of the space shuttle launching. And it's like the rocket goes up and then like when they hit that certain point. Matt the boosters fall off in the big rocket hits kicks in that's like every personal like viral star except the big rocket is like the sputtering little fucking like firecracker because there is no next level of fame. There's no escape velocity for those sort of like viral stars. You know what i mean. That's okay though like then capitalize off of it while you can but yes considered a windfall and not a career path he seems i constantly a good dude to tobacco mama's garbo she suck he's so again he's here's the thing it's like. He has to capitalize now because if they do win in four he is a like he kind of has like legendary status that transaction. But if it doesn't he's probably irrelevant by the next even if they went and file he's just probably wrote my next so you can't get the back capitalize sign sign you're really long autographs where you put your name and then put sons and four guy right underneath it because yes what what happened. What happened with him again. Like i'm aware of the guy he didn't then he is these nuggets fan like start a fight with him and like you know like in every stadium fight if you have the high ground you basically have an inch advantage and these two nuggets fans.

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