A highlight from FedEx's EVP of IT on Driving a Culture of Innovation


Activation i'm your host. Peter hi my guest today is can spangler kennedy's Vice president of information technology and chief information officer of global opco technologies fedex in this rule can receive fedex express ground freight and logistics prior to serving in this role and was the executive vice president and chief information officer of fedex express global. It solutions in senior vice president in cio. Fedex grounded freights. In this interview we focus on the culture of innovation at fedex can describes how his experiences serving a cio for each of fedex's businesses has given him a unique perspective on the firm's principles to compete collectively operate independently and managed collaboratively. He talks about how the company fosters innovation focuses on what he calls. Constructive dissatisfaction in the company. Further can speak to the culture of fedex. What it means to be founder lead in fedex's people service profit model. Additionally can gives us perspective on how ex through four phases of learning due to the pandemic what the return to work will look like in a variety of other topics.

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