A highlight from Paul Gilmartin as Congressman Richard Martin


Containment and practice resilience everyday things we can actually do in the moment to live happier and healthier are so i hear it's about how we respond to our thoughts and feelings choices that i can when i say you. I mean me choices. You and i can make to connect thoughts and feelings are sending messages and we can talk back. You mean out loud. Why not why keep all the stuff inside and act crazy anyway. Call it out one of the cool things that i learned from a friend who has a great organization called goes zen dot com is all about embarrassment times in life. When you feel like you wanna hide under a rock. You know those times if you feel awkward something very simple you can actually say the word out loud in a silly voice hawk word and probably people will laugh and it diffuses things in the moment. Just call it out. Call out why not. We're on today's show. We'll be studying awkwardness. We're gonna talk about it because we have one of the great hosts and a friend who has long running popular. Podcast call the mental illness. Happy hour fantastic. Show fantastic long running. Podcast he's also an actor in comic and he does a character. Kinda like stephen colbert used to do. This is a republican congressman from ohio named richard martin one of my favorites and i'm talking to him about mental health in the state of the world and it is horrifically. Funny i will remind you twice more during the show. This is a character not an actual person comedy like coal bear. Jiminy glick or an. Snl character is a character. And i thought it would be funny if we talked to this character about his mental health. Today's show is brought to you by rescue me rescue me you've heard about i q in q while resumes a mental health. Resume service that lets you create an emotional resume just like a career resume. Twenty twenty two twenty. Twenty one depressed with occasional moments of happiness. Twenty-nine learned how to set limits by using the word. Now when he eighteen farren anxiety exploration became aware what i tell myself matters increased. My typing speed is well. Regime is the most important resume you'll ever have important character traits easily agitated during the real housewives kind to others while beating the crap out of self learning special skills worrying about things. I have no control over asking for what i need before. Explode patients starring scrabble regime e. Resume your feelings with resume. Now we always like to welcome our listeners. No matter what emotional state year end here are emotional. Shutouts if you have a lego therapy place set. Welcome if you've used the phrase. I'm an open book in a library. Welcome if when a waiter takes your order your responses. Oh everything is my fault now. If you've invented a new game called hiding go eat well if you're excited to be going out in the world but still insist on wearing your pajamas. Welcome and if you shout the words do over during a dui exam welcome and if you're beating yourself up even though there's always a place you right here on the mental health. Come on cast. Now i wanna bring in our friend. From the north. And the south the first lady of serotonin the queen of oxytocin the high priestess of the hippocampus jennifer kalari. Now you see a lot of people in your practice. What is the whole psychology of. How do you deal with the the dual nature of being sick or not being well and trying to be well mentally similarly to what we talk about and it's very difficult when you have physical symptoms and they're really bothering you and you're there on your mind and you're physically feeling them. It's really difficult to think about anything else. In fact being in pain or being uncomfortable is exhausting really takes a ton of energy but the real trick is to try and keep your mental state as positive as possible because when you are stressed your immune system downgrades and the reason it does this. Is you know again. We've talked about how the mid brain not the brightest part of the brain the thinking in the planning and the perspective taking in the understanding and the ability to regulate is all part of the frontal lobe but the mid range job is to keep you safe and it just doesn't care what's what it just thinks if you're upset than you you're in danger so whenever we're stressed the body actually goes well okay. I don't wanna give all this energy to this infection that i'm fighting with this illness. That have is headache. That i have. I'm gonna give my energy to running away from this thing that's chasing me.

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